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Keyboard Shortcuts for RP Phone Posting

I spend a lot of time phone posting, and I set up a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to make the usual coding that goes along with RP easier and less of a headache. If you aren't sure how to add keyboard shortcuts to your Android or iOS device, here's an article for you with step by step instructions and pics!

These are the ones I use most frequently, although game, cast, or character specific ones can be used too.

General RP Use

Shortcut Phrase: [[
Generates: <small>[

Shortcut Phrase: ]]
Generates: ]</small>

Shortcut Phrase: bbb
Generates: <b></b>

Shortcut Phrase: iii
Generates: <i></i>

Shortcut Phrase: <<
Generates: <font face=courier new>

Shortcut Phrase: >>
Generates: </font>

Shortcut Phrase: {{
Generates: <a href=""></a>

Shortcut Phrase: }}
Generates: <img src="">

Shortcut Phrase: ##
Generates: <a title=""><i>word</i></a>

(This is code for hover text, for characters who speak another language that doesn't translate. FAIR WARNING, hover text is NOT visible to anyone on mobile devices.)

Hopefully these are useful, happy RPing!

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