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[COLORS TCG] Card Post

colors tcg
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  Li ([personal profile] darjeeling)
  Joined: 08/18/13
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Status: ACTIVE  
current level: GRAY  
card count: 0763  
deck masteries: 15  

DOLL - 19/20
Yin - Darker Than Black
EMPRESS - 13/20
Nakajima Youko - Juuni Kokki
MENMA - 20/20
Meiko Honma - AnoHana

PTRD-41 - 20/20
Suou Pavlichenko - Darker Than Black
SENSORY - 11/20
Meredy - Fairy Tail
XIII - 17/20
Train Heartnet - Black Cat

future decks | 250
HIGH PRIORITY: Falling, Fuukan, Gentleman, Hanjyuu, Love Freak, Memory, Overlord, Rebel

MID PRIORITY: Black Blood, Blank, Boiler Room, Chozo, Collector, Fleija, Hitsuzen, Mobile, Street Gang

LOW PRIORITY: Bio-Weapon, Black Wave, Form, Glomp, Laptop, Pure, Stripes, Tokunaga, Weather, Yggdrasil

MISC KEEPS: I might trade these for active decks, otherwise I'll hang onto them. Or, decks I will be looking for at some point.

mass collections | 160
Bloodhound, Capoeira, Desu Da Yo, Foul, Moscow, Rip-Off, Salaryman, Triad

CODE GEASS | 49/360
Blind, Damocles, Fleija, Gloucester, Knightmare, Orenji, Parties, Princess, Rebel, Shen Hu, Six, Sociopath, Swimming, Tianzi, Tristan, Vincent, Witch, Zero

TIGER & BUNNY | 48/200
Armored, Background, Cold, Curator, Effeminate, Lightning, Lunatic, Points, Repeat, Safety

trade decks | 0367 + 27 SP


pending/offered & hold | 15

signatures & portfolios | sketchpads
Signatures: 03 | Completed Portfolios: 0 | Coupon Uses: 0/8

Completed Sketchpads: 29 (3 unclaimed)

crayons | 41
(Actively collecting RED, ORANGE, YELLOW and BROWN crayons!)

information - please read!
Please be patient for trades! My schedule can be kind of crazy some days. Please don't make offers for cards I haven't had a chance to put into this post. If you trade is time sensitive, like for PoG, please tell me!
I generally do not trade from my future decks unless I'm moving UP one level in priority! IE; I would trade a LOW priority card for a MID priority card, etc.
For random trades, SPECIAL deck cards are generally traded for other SPECIAL deck cards.

If you want to join the fun, please say that Li referred you!

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