darjeeling: (0)
Li ([personal profile] darjeeling) wrote 2013-08-18 06:32 pm (UTC)


joined colors_tcg, received symmetry09, symmetry10, artemis05, joker12, morning18, nyaa10, speaking20, tigerstriped17 + confirmed join! received littlekitty12, guarddog09
received doll01 from [personal profile] anotherheaven

traded tigerstriped17 for symmetry01 with [personal profile] secretambition
traded nyaa10 for wisewolf15 with [personal profile] swagu
traded littlekitty12 for artemis11 with [personal profile] yanyan

traded speaking20 for fuukan05 with [personal profile] riidaa

won cantonese09, kitten02 for Conan's Clues 158

traded morning18 for lipstick03 with [personal profile] phibby
received lapistier13 from [personal profile] yanyan
traded kitten02 for fight08 with [personal profile] arilyn9

won kamatari18, meganes11, repeat15 for Pick a Color 78
traded kamatari18 for particle19 with [personal profile] prisma

won aries05, benevolent16, blacksmith07, love20, regina04, rhythmia04 for Neku's Music Station 158 + 159
traded fight08 for traveler11 with [personal profile] anotherheaven
traded artemis05 for doll06 with [personal profile] secretambition
gifted traveler11 to [personal profile] atoli

traded blacksmith07 for vassal03 with [personal profile] ankari
received strom05, strom09 from [personal profile] ankari
claimed fleija01, hatchin01, berrybell05, zagan17, phecda04, smoke10, prison11, warlock15 from Release 040 - August
traded zagan17 for symmetry07 with [personal profile] mllelaurel
traded phecda04 for particle11 with [personal profile] prisma
traded smoke10, prison11 for particle20, wisewolf11 with [personal profile] swagu
traded warlock15 for doll10 with [personal profile] harukami
traded meganes11 for foul03 with [personal profile] harukami
gifted berrybell05 to [personal profile] anotherheaven

won hotcakes07 for Colors Musical Magazine, final issue
won silverknife12 for Colors Musical Magazine, issue 15

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