apollymi: Faraday counting his kills on this fingers, animated gif, no text (Mag7**Faraday: Counting kills)
Apollymi ([personal profile] apollymi) wrote in [personal profile] darjeeling 2016-11-23 06:00 am (UTC)

It's addictive and fun and shippy as hell and a bit gut-wrenching (no spoilers). And did I mention the shippyness of it? Because it's hella shippy. There's still a theater near me playing it, but I've been to see it four times in the theater now. I'm trying to resist going again.

Scratch that: I failed on that note. The tickets were down to $2 each, so I couldn't resist. I'm dragging [personal profile] katsuko to go see it a fifth time on Thursday night.

It's out on BluRay here on 20 December. I will admit to already having preordered my copy.

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