darjeeling: ([ STOCK ] holds the memory of the future)
Li ([personal profile] darjeeling) wrote2016-01-27 04:05 am


I decided that I missed fandom writing challenges on Livejournal enough that I wanted to restart one here on Dreamwidth.

It's a multifandom weekly fic challenge community, where participants write a short fanfic (1000 words or less) based on a prompt. Readers vote at the end of the week for their favourite submission to decide a winner. Each challenge has two elements: a Weekly Theme and a Bonus Goal to meet. The first challenge will be going up on Monday, February 1st.

I know I've got a lot of fic writers on my friends list, and I'd really appreciate anyone who wants to help me spread the word about this ♥ I'm going to try and put this up in a few promotion communities too.

If anyone wants to use the above image and link as an advertisement, here's a textbox:

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