New Math

Jun. 29th, 2017 07:18 am
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at work...

not!Milo: You need to stop cleaning and organizing everything.

me: Why?

not!Milo: I can't find anything.

me: But everything is in one place, and near like items!

not!Milo: Exactly! Before, I knew at least three places something might be. Now I have a 67% chance of failure!

me: But now when you find it, there's 300% of what you were looking for!

Interesting Links for 29-06-2017

Jun. 29th, 2017 12:00 pm
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I'm deep in the reconstruction of my [community profile] wipbigbang, and it's just so ugh. I have to keep reminding myself that I like this fic. I do like this fic. I do. *kicks it*

I have some neural network links because neural networks are awesome and the future.
- Ancient wisdom from the neural network
(Neural network writes proverbs, is strangely obsessed with oxen)
- Via [personal profile] goss, Quick, draw!
(Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling? Not mine, not often.)
- A Neural Network Turned A Book Of Flowers Into Shockingly Lovely Dinosaur Art
(It really is lovely. Would frame!)
- Inspirobot
I am an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.
(It is very addictive and weirdly profound.)
CW: glory holes. )

New comms and challenges and activity and such:
- [community profile] twinpeaks has episode by episode reviews of the new season.
If, like me, you feel a little wracked by Twin Peaks ep 8, there is a discussion post up here: Episode Discussion: Part Eight. With lots of links to other reviews. My mind is blown. I just. *stutters in confusion and possibly pain*

- [community profile] drawesome: A Multi-fandom Drawing community for FanArtists (both traditional and digital art)

ETA: - [community profile] fandomgiftbox has sign-ups open! A summer fanworks gifting fest inspired by [community profile] fandom_stocking. Sign-ups are here: 2017 Sign Up Post.

- [community profile] unconventionalcourtship is running again, you can go pick a prompt here at Plot suggestions.

I am eying this one for Root/Shaw:
London, 1839
Ex-cavalry officer Captain Grahame Westmore is restless for change, but escorting a diplomat’s spoiled daughter to Vienna isn’t what he had in mind—though for once he hasn’t been hired for his skills in pleasuring women! Independent, fiery and strong-willed, Elowyn Bagshaw is not the simpering lady he expected. Used to getting her own way and giving the orders, Elowyn will not be controlled so easily. Grahame soon realizes that he’s got a fight on his hands—and it’s one they’re both going to enjoy!
Rakes Who Make Husbands Jealous
Only London's best lovers need apply

Reasons to do this:
1. Shaw pretending to be a man
2. Shaw escorting a duplicitous Root pretending to be a diplomat's daughter
3. Shaw in cavalry uniform
4. Shaw in cavalry uniform on a horse
5. Shaw in cavalry uniform on a horse with Root holding on behind as they flee, flee from danger

Reasons not to do this:
1. All the other unfinished fics I have
2. I don't know anything about history ever

Nearly home time for me, then it's nose to the grindstone in fic town.

Another late day

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:43 pm
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We had OME testers again today, so we were late getting out again today. I have at least 30 minutes of comp time built up for this week, and I know I have 45 minutes built up from last week. Supposedly I'll be able to get to use them tomrorow and Friday, but we'll see. It all depends on if the MCATs get done on time both days. Otherwise I'll lose that extra time again this pay period like I did when LaTrease was out of town.

Writing is progressing. I'm happy with this.

But that's about all I have to say for myself for today. Later, all.

How to qualify the unqualified

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:56 pm
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I imagine our world made up of two: the one perceived and the world at work. The world at work is understood through collective perception. The world perceived is unique in that it is the subjective experience of the world collectively experienced. The world at work is what we'd call "practical," while the other would be called something else as it is different for each person.

To create definitions and statements for both, a lexicon of metaphors are used. These metaphors come from a basic mode of senses. You know them as the five senses. The concept can be observed well in wine tasting where testers both subjectively and collectively describe flavor in an array of referential experiences. Saying that something tastes like marshmellows cannot be understood without having smelled and enjoyed a marshmellow; however, if the language for the description had been established prior, someone may be able to say something has the taste of marshmellow without ever having experienced one due to the collective experience that makes up the metaphoric lexicon.

You may not recall a time when you couldn't count past a certain number, but I do. A teacher tells a pupil that two and two makes four, without showing the student a number line or the history of math. The student is bright and grasps onto the concept of arithmetic without understanding the theory of numbers. The student knows that 1 is a basic "counting unit," so this student makes long numeric treks to make numbers like 213 and 241 make 454. Like the person who says something tastes like marshmellows without experiencing one, that student knows math, at least as far he or she can count, until more knowledge is learned from later experience and teaching.

Believe it or not, 1 is not the most basic unit of counting, nor is the concept 0 obvious. They require either assumptions or a lot of experience. Fortunately education hopefully provides us with that collective experience. Through education, we learn the concept of none and later its philosophical problems. Sometimes when learning, we must relearn or shed away assumptions to understand deeper ideas.

What I found the most confounding aspect of education, however, was the notion that someone was smarter than another. For a long time, I admitted to not being so smart, and I got along fine until people in late grade school were suddenly calling me "smart." With a new title, I felt empowered and tried to take ownership of this name. But I wondered what it meant to be smart. I had thought -- that when someone smarter than me called me smart, I must be smart. And since I had thought any person besides me was smarter than me, then if I were to be ever called smart, then it must indeed be true. You should be able to see, these were great odds. I was destined to be smart. What a relief.

My next lesson was in middle school, where I learned that people were not always equal at all times. Rules were no longer a following guide, as both adult and peer seemed to follow none. And so without rules to follow or lessons to learn (well), middle school sorta became this place where people made up their minds on morality. Here too, I was called smart. The word was different now. I no longer felt as if intelligence could be taken for granted. It was earned.

In college, while I studied computer science, humanities, and worked in IT, I focused on my studies, organizations, volunteering, and many hours of work. The concept of fairness etched itself into my brain: if I work very hard now, I will be rewarded. People will see my work. They will see my work. What a disappointment the workforce brought. And I now see why so many college students work in service industries. It was here, senior year, where I learned that intelligence is neither bought or earned, it was given to you as a gift.

Words have power that give and take. When a farmer creates a sling to support a cow's weight while it went outside to graze independent, he or she is called clever. If a Harvard drop-out makes a website using PHP, a well-established programming language, he is named a genius. (Yes, I am talking about Zucker.) For measuring a person's life or intelligence, it does not matter how much effort that agent puts into a life, it matters how much someone else will value it. People value things not because they are beautiful or good things but because their selfish motives determine that such things should be valuable.

This barrier in value judgment prevents society from recognizing genius as much as it points it towards the right direction. Society does not concern itself with the truth. It is difficult to say what essentially it concerns itself with, perhaps the self. What then in a selfishly driven society has the most value? It must be the personal attributes that make up a life: your meal times, your health, your life's story, etc. make up your personal character. These attributes are shared with a few people, and so the knowledge of your life is valuable as it is scarce.

Cherish what is personal, either be it yours or someone else's.
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Title: A Moment of Weakness
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy VIII - Irvine/Zell
Length: 1079 words
Summary: “Oh wow, Zell, look!” Selphie said, bouncing in her seat and tugging on Zell’s arm. “A festival! They’re having a festival! I can see it from here!”
Content Notes: Romance, banter
Author Notes: Written for the 'outdoor music festival' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

A Moment of Weakness )

More things

Jun. 29th, 2017 12:47 pm
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So it turns out even though I thought I'd submitted my thesis draft, it didn't go through. I had an email from the co-ordinator this morning that was like "You haven't submitted a draft? Is there one coming? Are you okay?" So I have resubmitted and hopefully that's fine. This is really at least partly my fault for not looking out for the "successfully submitted" email that you get, but I was running out the door when I did it so... Oh well, it's in now, and it doesn't actually contribute to my overall mark, so everything is fine.

Now I have queer podcast editing to do, so I guess I will take a moment to spruik my friends' and my project. We're running a queer history podcast! We publish an episode on the 1st and 15th every month, and talk about queer people in history. I might be biased, but I think we're pretty interesting. But anyway, come find us! We're on itunes or podbean if that suits you better.

Anyway, it is very cold and I must get to work, so I am off to make tea.

What I'm Doing Wednesday

Jun. 28th, 2017 08:12 pm
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Harry Potter Day (HP20) was Monday, so I cracked open the first volume and reread some of it. I'd forgotten about McGonnagal trying to argue Dumbledore out of leaving H with the Dursleys after she'd done all the Dursley recon that Dumbledore chose not to. *imagines a verse where she and her extended family raised Harry in Scotland, reading to him from Hogwarts: a History every night of his wee childhood and putting him on a training broom at age 3* She would have been the best gran ever. (I don't suppose this exists, does it?)

Vol gig continues, and lately I've been getting to use my atrophied Spanish skills. Luckily, most Spanish-speakers know a little English or have a bilingual kid with them, so together we've managed to get their questions answered and I've learned some new words. I'm also finding it interesting how often people approach me for help rather than the actual employees. I mean, they don't know I'm a volunteer instead of an employee. Maybe I look especially harmless? Happy to be there? IDK.

activist yarning, aka craftivism
I'm working on an epic something for Independence Day and I am so excited! I forget how much I love turning a photo into a 3D yarn thing. Also, this has been super-therapeutic against this week's horrible news cycle.

art community plug!
ICYMI: the brilliant and talented [personal profile] goss & [personal profile] mific have launched [community profile] drawesome, a comm for drawing fanart. Yay art! <3

Now: summer

Jun. 29th, 2017 12:33 am
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Instead of one of the many posts that I keep planning to make and then don't find the time for, have a sample of things currently occupying my brain.

- The latest season of Natsume Yuujinchou just ended and it was great and I love this anime so much.
- The only "TV" show I'm currently watching is Critical Role, the new episodes and also the early ones that I've been catching up on. The early ones are fun, the new ones are very exciting. 102: [spoiler spoiler]!!
- I have started calling politicians about stuff. This makes me anxious (but so does politics as a whole, so) and is frustrating but at least I'm trying to do something? A tiny little bit? There was a demo last weekend but I missed it because of terrible time management.
(And that is only local politics, got to start somewhere. International? Holy shit.)
- Our newest flatmate is already moving out again :( She's dropping out of her study program and moving back to Germany. Definitely the right decision for her, but sad for me and DD, we really liked her. Also she baked well.
- Last weekend was my mom's 50th birthday party and LB and I wrote a poem. Writing poems is difficult but kinda fun, and it was well received.
- There are so many recs I want to post. This would probably be easier if I would post them one or two at a time, but from somewhere in SGA fandom I got the idea that rec sets have to be a minimum of three recs, which is annoying. (Maybe I should post a poll asking you guys which recs you would be most interested in. Also, ticky boxes.)
- Other things I watched/read that I haven't yet posted about include the Last Herald of Valdemar series, Zootopia, Disney's Hercules, Lilo&Stitch; and of course the latest few D&D sessions (we'll go to the world disc's underside to blow up the evil gods' vaults next session, also I now have an undead minion.)
- Flower went to Vegas, and then weird trades happened and people got very pissed off about it, and to sum up sports fandom is kind of silly.
- I'm not always happy with how many things I manage to do, but despite the heat I've gone running again twice in the past week (at midnight), at least that's good. I've also gone swimming a few times, every time I visit my parents, which is always great.
- I'm barely writing anything right now and not happy with it, so I signed up for h/c bingo in the hopes of finding some inspiration. I have some ideas, now I just need to find the motivation to actually sit down and write them.
- Overall I feel mostly good :)

Extended versions of some of these probably to come later. Maybe. (Better tell me if you're interested in anything in particular.)
Ten minutes after I post this I will think of five things I forgot to add, but hopefully I will have already gone to bed then so I won't get little sleep again. Right now I feel like rambling about anything and everything, definitely time for sleep.
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Title: Twilight
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 898 words
Summary: Barba’s voice was sharp when he asked, “Are you planning on transferring?”
Content Notes: Romance, banter, secret relationship.
Author Notes: Written for the 'moodlight shadows' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

Twilight )

The Parisian Tropics

Jun. 28th, 2017 10:00 pm
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Emile Zola, in his classic novel Le Ventre de Paris, references quite heavily the smell of Parisian fish markets in the summer. Whilst I have managed to avoid such odours, as he describes in glorious detail, the alternating heat, humidity, and thunderstorms has turned the visit this city into a rather unexpected experience. Nevertheless, we were blessed on Sunday with a meeting with Gianna V., a local whom I've known online for several years with a mutual interest in Glorantha. Gianna took us for a walk along Le Petite Ceinture a former railline reclaimed public nature walk. The walk ended with a visit to a book market where I found myself in possession of several hefty art history tomes.

After that we visited Montparnasse Cemetery, final resting place of many famour people. We visited a good number of sites, but in particular I felt special respect for the sites of Simon de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, Alfred Dreyfus, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, and Jean Seaberg. Each of these are individuals who have had a major effect on my own intellectual and aesthetic development; I could write extensively on each. For now, just these words of recognition will have to do.

The work-week began with a visit with Loic N, at the L'Institut du Calcul et de la Simulation on their HPC operating environment and the impressive cross-disciplinary work that they do. The university was next door to the medieval Musée de Cluny so managed to get a good dose of that end of the historic spectrum as well. The following two days have been at the Conference Teratec at Ecole Polytechnique Paliasseau, some distance from the inner city. A good-sized (1300 attendees) the conference show-cased the major projects undertaken in France's HPC environment in their quasi-syndicalist approach (business, academia, and government working on mutual projects). With dusk not occuring until around 10pm or later, much of the evening has been spent on semi-random public transport trips, eating at simple restaurants, and just walking; an especially pleasant discovery was a large park and gardens, Parc Montsouris. It's good to know that the Parisians have dedicated a park to mountain mice.

Wednesday Reading Meme

Jun. 28th, 2017 12:34 pm
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I got three hours of sleep and I keep coughing myself awake. Ugh. I hate everything.

What I Just Finished Reading

Elizabeth Letts, The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse that Inspired a Nation: The reviews of this are split between "wow, this is poorly-written" and "OMG HORSIE." I have to say it is indeed very poorly written, but the story is compelling -- I mean, horse rescued from the slaughterhouse, turning out to be a champion jumper? It was pretty good. Also I learned that the US Army had horse breeding programs up through WWII even though horses were much less useful than they'd hoped.

What I'm Reading Now

Comics Wednesday!

Black Panther #15, Defenders #2, Infamous Iron Man #9, Mighty Captain Marvel #6, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #20, Secret Empire #5, X-Men Blue #6 )

What I'm Reading Next

I have no idea.

Interesting Links for 28-06-2017

Jun. 28th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Happy birthday to me.

Jun. 28th, 2017 12:53 am
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It is now my birthday! Go me!


Jun. 27th, 2017 11:53 pm
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Work is a bit of a pain lately. We've had people taking one test several days for the last two weeks. Routinely there is at least one person a day who is at 5:15 or after getting done. For this particular test, they should be done by 5:00 at the latest. It puts me late getting out, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get the time made up leaving early. LaTrease did offer to let me come in late a time or two this week, but honestly, that would just mean I'd be sitting in the Peachtree Center Mall that much longer in the mornings.

Yes, it would give me writing time, but still...

And Roo is about running me crazy with his newfound insistence on chewing on fingers and grabbing at keyboard keys and snatching food and so forth.

So yeah, I'm a little stressed tonight. I feel sorry for my Mag7 boys and girls.


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