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Apr. 8th, 2020 07:15 pm
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f r i e n d s   o n l y.
LI. writer, roleplayer, college student

Fandoms: Avatar: TLA/LOK, Bioshock Infinite, Black Lagoon, Breaking Bad, Breakout Kings, Code Geass, Darker Than Black, Discovery Channel, Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Elder Scrolls, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Gargoyles, History Channel, House of Cards, Jurassic Park, Kiddy Grade, King of Bandits Jing, Leverage, Marvel Cinematic, Merlin (BBC), Mythbusters, Once Upon A Time, Rise of the Guardians, River Monsters, Soul Eater, Spice & Wolf, Star Trek (TNG/DS9/VOY/AOS), Storm Hawks, Studio Ghibli, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Teen Titans, The Twelve Kingdoms, Wakfu, The Walking Dead, The West Wing, Thundercats (2011), Tiger & Bunny, Vikings, White Collar, Young Justice, Yuugiou.

Friending Policy: I will add you back so long as you...
a) share some common interests with me
b) are at least semi-active on your journal
c) don't behave like an asshole

If your journal is public and you post interesting content, I may subscribe to you simply for my own tracking, please don't feel obligated to friend back if you're not interested! Other than that, friend/defriend at will.

comment to be added.

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I spend a lot of time phone posting, and I set up a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to make the usual coding that goes along with RP easier and less of a headache. If you aren't sure how to add keyboard shortcuts to your Android or iOS device, here's an article for you with step by step instructions and pics!

These are the ones I use most frequently, although game, cast, or character specific ones can be used too.

General RP Use

Shortcut Phrase: [[
Generates: <small>[

Shortcut Phrase: ]]
Generates: ]</small>

Shortcut Phrase: bbb
Generates: <b></b>

Shortcut Phrase: iii
Generates: <i></i>

Shortcut Phrase: <<
Generates: <font face=courier new>

Shortcut Phrase: >>
Generates: </font>

Shortcut Phrase: {{
Generates: <a href=""></a>

Shortcut Phrase: }}
Generates: <img src="">

Shortcut Phrase: ##
Generates: <a title=""><i>word</i></a>

(This is code for hover text, for characters who speak another language that doesn't translate. FAIR WARNING, hover text is NOT visible to anyone on mobile devices.)

Hopefully these are useful, happy RPing!
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I decided that I missed fandom writing challenges on Livejournal enough that I wanted to restart one here on Dreamwidth.

It's a multifandom weekly fic challenge community, where participants write a short fanfic (1000 words or less) based on a prompt. Readers vote at the end of the week for their favourite submission to decide a winner. Each challenge has two elements: a Weekly Theme and a Bonus Goal to meet. The first challenge will be going up on Monday, February 1st.

I know I've got a lot of fic writers on my friends list, and I'd really appreciate anyone who wants to help me spread the word about this ♥ I'm going to try and put this up in a few promotion communities too.

If anyone wants to use the above image and link as an advertisement, here's a textbox:

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Please leave all trades on my MAIN CARD POST, not here. Thank you!

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